I. First year.

  1. 春.王正月.公即位.
  2. 仲孫蔑會晉欒黶.宋華元.衛甯殖.曹人.莒人.邾人.滕人.宋人.薛人.圍宋彭城.
  3. 夏.晉韓厥帥師伐鄭.仲孫蔑會齊崔杼.曹人.邾人.杞人.次于鄫.
  4. 秋.楚公子壬夫帥師侵宋.
  5. 九月.辛酉.天王崩.
  6. 邾子來朝.
  7. 冬.衛侯使公孫剽來聘.晉侯使荀罃來聘.
 I. First year.
1. In his first year, in spring, in the king's first month, the duke came to the [vacant] seat.
2. Zhongsun Mie joined Luan Yan of Jin, Hua Yuan of Song, Ning Zhi of Wey, an officer of Cao, an officer of Ju, an officer of Zhu, an officer of Teng, and an officer of Xue, in besieging Pengcheng in Song.
3. In summer, Han Jue of Jin led an army, and invaded Zheng. Zhongsun Mie joined Cui Shu of Qi, an officer of Cao, an officer of Zhu, and an officer of Qi, and halted, [with their forces], in Zeng.
4. In autumn, the Gongzi Renfu of Chu led a force, and made an incursion into Song.
5. In the ninth month, on Xinyou, the king [by] Heaven's [grace] died.
6. The viscount of Zhu came to Lu on a court-visit.
7. In winter, the marquis of Wey sent the Gongsun Piao to Lu on a visit of friendly inquiries. So did the marquis of Jin send Xun Ying
 春.己亥.圍宋彭城.非宋地.追書也.於是為宋討魚石.故稱宋.且不登叛人也.謂之宋志.彭城降晉.晉人以宋五大夫在彭城者歸.寘諸瓠丘.齊人不會彭城.晉人以為討.二月.齊大子光為質於晉. This year, in spring, on Jihai, there was the siege of Pengcheng. It did not now belong to Song;—the text calls it Song's retrospectively. At this time [the States] were punishing Yu Shi for Song, and therefore the city is called Song's, and moreover the text would not sanction the exaltation of a rebel. The language has respect to the wishes of Song [in the matter]. Pengcheng surrendered to Jin, and the people of Jin took the five great officers of Song who were in it back with them, and placed them in Huqiu. The troops of Qi were not present at [the siege of] Pengcheng, which Jin thought was a ground for punishing [that State], and in the 2d month the eldest son of [the marquis of] Qi became a hostage in Jin.
 夏.五月.晉韓厥.荀偃.帥諸侯之師伐鄭.入其郛(fú 郭).敗其徒兵於洧上.於是東諸侯之師.次于鄫以待晉師.晉師自鄭.以鄫之師侵楚焦夷.及陳.晉侯.衛侯.次于戚.以為之援. In summer, in the 5th month, Han Jue and Xun Yan of Jin invaded Zheng, with the forces of [several of] the States, and entered its outer suburbs. They defeated its infantry near the Wei. At this time the armies of the [other] States were halting at Zeng, waiting for the army of Jin. When that came from Zheng, it made a junction with them, and made an incursion into Jiaoyi of Chu, and into Chen. The marquis of Jin and the marquis of Wey remained in Qi, to render any aid that might be needed.
 秋.楚子辛救鄭.侵宋呂留.鄭子然侵宋.取犬丘. In autumn, Zixin of Chu went to succour Zheng, and made an incursion on Lü and Liu of Song. Ziran of Zheng made an incursion into Song, and took Quanqiu.
 九月.邾子來朝.禮也. The viscount of Zhu came to Lu on a court-visit. It was proper.
 冬.衛子叔.晉知武子.來聘.禮也.凡諸侯即位.小國朝之.大國聘焉.以繼好結信.謀事補闕.禮之大者也. In winter Zishu of Wey, and Zhi Wuzi of Jin, came to Lu, with friendly inquiries; which was proper. On the accession of any prince, smaller States appeared [by their princes] at his court, and larger ones sent friendly missions;—for the continuance of their friendship, and cementing their good faith, to take counsel on affairs, and to repair deficiencies. These were the greatest of ceremonies.