V. Fifth year.

  1. 春.公如齊.
  2. 夏.公至自齊.
  3. 秋.九月.齊高固來逆叔姬.
  4. 叔孫得臣卒.
  5. 冬.齊高固及子叔姬來.
  6. 楚人伐鄭.

Fifth year.
1. In his fifth year, in spring, the duke went to Qi.
2. In summer, the duke arrived from Qi.
3. In autumn, in the ninth month, Gao Gu of Qi came to meet [his bride], the duke's second daughter.
4. Shusun Dechen died.
5. In winter, Gao Gu of Qi and the duke's second daughter came to Lu.
6. A body of men from Chu invaded Zheng.

  1. 春.公如齊.高固使齊侯止公.請叔姬焉.
  2. 夏.公至自齊.書過也.
  3. 秋.九月.齊高固來逆女.自為也.故書曰.逆叔姬.即自逆也.
  4. 冬.來.反馬也.楚子伐鄭.
  5. 陳及楚平.晉荀林父救鄭伐陳.
  1. Gao Gu [A minister of Qi] made the marquis of Qi detain the duke, and ask him to give Gu his second daughter in marriage.
  2. In summer, the duke arrived from Qi, this entry shows how the duke 'exceeded.' 
  3. In autumn, in ninth month, Gao Gu of Qi came himself to meet his bride.  The lady was mentioned by her designation (Su Ji, the Second Daughter) in the text, because the case was that of a minister meeting her for himself.
  4. They came to Lu in winter, returning the horses.
  5. On this invasion, Chen and Chu made peace, when Xun Linfu relieved Zheng, and invaded Chen.