VI. Sixth year.

  1. 春.晉趙盾.衛孫免.侵陳.
  2. 夏.四月.
  3. 秋.八月.螽.
  4. 冬.十月.
 VI. Sixth year.
1. In the [duke's] sixth year, in spring, Zhao Dun of Jin and Sun Mian of Wey made an incursion into Chen.
2. It was summer, the fourth month.
3. In autumn, in the eighth month, there were locusts.
4. It was winter, the tenth month.


  1. 春.晉衛侵陳.陳即楚故也.
  2. 夏.定王使子服求后于齊.
  3. 秋.赤狄伐晉.圍懷.及邢丘.晉侯欲伐之.中行桓子曰.使疾其民.以盈其貫.將可殪也.周書曰.殪戎殷.此類之謂也.
  4. 冬.召桓公逆王后于齊.
  5. 楚人伐鄭.取成而還.
  6. 鄭公子曼滿.與王子伯廖語.欲為卿. 伯廖告人曰.無德而貪.其在周易豐之離.弗過之矣.間一歲.鄭人殺之.
  1. In spring, Jin invaded Chen, the reason of this incursion by Jin and Wey was Chen's adherence to Chu. 
  2. In summer, king Ding sent Zifu to ask a queen for him from Qi.
  3. In autumn, the Red Di invaded Jin, when they besieged Huai and Xingqiu. The marquis of Jin wished to invade their country [in return], but the officer Huan of the middle column said to him, "Let [their chief first] make his people hate him [for his incessant warfare], filling up the measure of his practices, and then he may be utterly destroyed. The language in one of the Books of Zhou,—Exterminate the great Yin (Shu, V. ix. 4),' is applicable to this kind of people."
  4. 'In winter, duke Huan of Shao met the king's bride in Qi.
  5. A body of men from Chu invaded Zheng, took conditions of peace, and returned to Chu.
  6. Gongzi Manman of Zheng spoke to the king's son Boliao, [who was serving in Zheng], about his wish to become a high minister. Boliao told another person, saying, "The case of one who covets [a high position] without the proper virtue appears from the Zhou yi, and is like the diagram Feng's () becoming Li (). [Manman] will not live beyond the time thereby indicated." After the interval of a year, the people of Zheng put Manman to death.