VII. Seventh year.


  1. 春.衛侯使孫良夫來盟.
  2. 夏.公會齊侯伐萊.
  3. 秋.公至自伐萊.
  4. 大旱.
  5. 冬.公會晉侯.宋公.衛侯.鄭伯.曹伯.于黑壤.
 VII. Seventh year.
1. In his seventh year, in spring, the marquis of Wey sent Sun Liangfu to Lu, to make a covenant [with the duke].
2. In summer, the duke joined the marquis of Qi in invading Lai.
3. In autumn, the duke arrived from the invasion of Lai.
4. There was great drought.
5. In winter, the duke had a meeting with the marquis of Jin, the duke of Song, the marquis of Wey, the earl of Zheng, and the earl of Cao, in Heirang.


  1. 春.衛孫桓子來盟.始通.且謀會晉也.
  2. 夏.公會齊侯伐萊.不與謀也.凡師出.與謀曰及.不與謀曰會.
  3. 赤狄侵晉.取向陰之禾.
  4. 鄭及晉平.公子宋之謀也.故相鄭伯以會.
  5. 冬.盟于黑壤.王叔桓公臨之.以謀不睦.晉侯之立也.公不朝焉.又不使大夫聘晉人止公于會.盟于黃父.公不與盟.以賂免.故黑壤之盟不書.諱之也.
  1. In spring, Sun Huan Zi came to Lu to make a covenant, it was the first intercourse between Wey and Lu since the duke's accession, and that the object was to consult about the duke's attending a meeting to be called by Jin. 
  2. In summer, the duke joined the marquis of Qi in invading Lai. The Hui 會 here implies that Lu had not been a party in planning the expedition:——In all military expeditions, where Lu had previously acted in the planning of them, Ji 及 is used; where it had not done so, we have hui 會.
  3. The Red Di made an incursion into Jin, and cut down and carried off the growing grain of Xiangyin'
  4. 'Peace had been brought about between Zheng and Jin by means of the counsels of Gongzi Song, who therefore now attended the earl of Zheng, as his assistant, to this meeting. 
  5. In winter, a covenant was made at Heirang, when the king's uncle, the duke of Huan, was present, to consult on the case of discordant States. On the accession of the marquis of Jin, [in the duke's 2d year], the duke had not paid a court-visit to him, nor had he since sent any great officer to Jin with friendly inquiries. The people of Jin therefore now detained him at the meeting, and when the covenant was made at Huangfu [i. q. Heirang], he did not take part in it. He got away to Lu, however, by means of bribes; and the text does not mention the covenant at Heirang, to conceal the duke's disgrace in connection with it.