VIII. Eighth year.

  1. 春.公至自會.
  2. 夏.六月.公子遂如齊.至黃.乃復.
  3. 辛巳.有事于大廟.仲遂卒于垂.
  4. 壬午.猶繹.萬入.去籥.
  5. 戊子.夫人嬴氏薨.
  6. 晉師.白狄.伐秦.
  7. 楚人滅舒蓼.
  8. 秋.七月.甲子.日有食之.既.
  9. 冬.十月.己丑.葬我小君敬嬴.
  10. 雨不克葬.庚寅.日中而克葬.
  11. 城平陽.
  12. 楚師伐陳.
Eighth year.
 1. In his eighth year, in spring, the duke arrived from the meeting [at Heirang].
2. In summer, in the sixth month, duke [Zhuang's] son, Sui, went to Qi. When he had got to Huang, he returned.
3. On Xinsi, there was a sacrifice in the grand temple; and Zhong Sui died at Chui.
4. On Renwu, the sacrifice was repeated for the next day; but when the pantomimes entered, they put away their flutes.
5. On Wuzi, [duke Wen's] wife, the lady Ying, died.
6. An army of Jin and the White Di invaded Qin.
7. A body of men from Chu extinguished Shuliao.
8. In autumn, in the seventh month, on Jiazi, the sun was totally eclipsed.
9. In winter, in the tenth month, on Jichou, we [had arranged to] bury our duchess, Jing Ying.
10. Because of rain the interment was not effected; but on [the next day] Gengyin, at mid-day, it was completed.
11. [The duke] walled Pingyang.
12. An army of Chu invaded Chen.
  1. 春.白狄及晉平.夏.會晉伐秦.晉人獲秦諜.殺諸絳市.六日而蘇.
  2. 有事于大廟.襄仲卒而繹.非禮也.
  3. 楚為眾舒叛故.伐舒蓼.滅之.楚子疆之.及滑汭.盟吳越而還.
  4. 晉胥克有蠱疾.郤缺為政.秋.廢胥克.使趙朔佐下軍.
  5. 冬.葬敬嬴.旱無麻.始用葛茀.雨不克葬.禮也.禮.卜葬先遠日.辟不懷也.
  6. 城平陽.書時也.
  7. 陳及晉平.楚師伐陳.取成而還.
  1. This spring, the White Di made peace with Jin, and in the summer they joined it in an invasion of Qin. The people of Jin caught a spy of Qin, and put him to death in Jiang, in the market place, but on the 6th day he came alive again!
  2. There was a sacrifice in the grand temple; Xiang Zhong died but the sacrifice was repeated the next day, it was contrary to the rule.
  3. Chu, because the various Shu States had revolted from it, attacked Shuliao and extinguished it. The viscount of Chu laid out anew its boundaries, as far as the banks of the Hua, took a covenant from Wu and Yue, and returned [to Ying].
  4. Xu Ke of Jin had an illness which unsettled his mind. Xi Que became chief minister of the State. In autumn Xu Ke was discharged from his office, and Zhao Shuo was appointed assistant-commander of the 3d army.
  5. In winter, bury Jinying. There being no flax in consequence of drought, they first used ropes made of the fibres of the dolichos, to draw the bier. Not to complete the burial because of the rain was according to rule. The rule required that the tortoise-shell should be consulted about an interment on a distant day, [not less than ten days], before it took place, to avoid the charge of not being affectionately solicitous in the case of such a duty.
  6. The record of Walling Pingyang was made to show the seasonableness of the undertaking.
  7. 'Chen and Jin had made peace. An army of Chu, [therefore], invaded Chen, took terms of submission from it, and returned.