V. Fifth year.

  1. 春.王正月.杞叔姬來歸.
  2. 仲孫蔑如宋.
  3. 夏.叔孫僑如會晉荀首于穀.
  4. 梁山崩.
  5. 秋.大水.
  6. 冬.十有一月.己酉.天王崩.
  7. 十有二月.己丑.公會晉侯.齊侯.宋公.衛侯.鄭伯.曹伯.邾子.杞伯.同盟于蟲牢.
Text Fifth year.
 1. In the [duke's] fifth year, in spring, in the king's first month, the third daughter [of duke Wen, who had been married to the earl] of Qi, came back to Lu.
2. Zhongsun Mie went to Song.
3. In summer, Shusun Qiaoru had a meeting with Xun Shou of Jin in Gu.
4. [A part of] mount Liang fell down.
5. In autumn, there were great floods.
6. In winter, in the eleventh month, on Jiyou, the king [by] Heaven's [grace] died.
7. In the twelfth month, on Jichou, the duke had a meeting with the marquis of Jin, the marquis of Qi, the duke of Song, the marquis of Wey, the earl of Zheng, the earl of Cao, the viscount of Zhu, and the earl of Qi, when they made a covenant together in Chonglao.

This spring, [Ying's brothers], he of Yuan (Zhao Tong), and he of Ping (Zhao Kuo), banished him to Qi. He said to them, "While I am here, I can prevent the House of Luan from rising [against us]; if I be gone, you, my brothers, will have to be sorry [for your step]. Every body has what he can do, and what he cannot do. What harm will your letting me alone do?" His brothers would not listen to him.
 嬰夢天使謂己祭余.余福女.使問諸士貞伯.貞伯曰.不識也.既而告其人曰.神福仁而禍淫.淫而無罰.福也.祭其得亡乎.祭之之明日而亡. Ying dreamt that Heaven sent [a Spirit] to say to him, "Sacrifice to me, and I will bless you." He sent and asked Shi Zhenbo [Shi Wozhuo] about the dream, who said he did not know its meaning. Afterwards, however, he [Probably Zhenbo] told it to one of his followers, who said, "Spirits bless the virtuous, and send calamity on the lewd. When one guilty of lewdness escapes without punishment, he is blessed. Is his banishment to be a consequence of the sacrifice?" The day after he sacrificed [to that Spirit], he went into exile.
 孟獻子如宋.報華元也. Meng Xianzi wento Song. This visit to Song was the return for Hua Yuan's visit to Lu.
 夏.晉荀首如齊逆女.故宣伯餫諸穀. In summer Xunshou of Jin had gone to Qi to meet the bride [Probably for his ruler], and therefore Xuanbo (Qiaoru) [met him at Gu] with a supply of provisions for his journey.'
 梁山崩.晉侯以傳召伯宗伯宗辟重.曰.辟傳.重人曰.待我.不如捷之速也.問其所.曰.絳人也.問絳事焉.曰.梁山崩.將召伯宗謀之.問將若之何.曰.山有朽壤而崩.可若何.國主山川.故山崩川竭.君為之不舉.降服.乘縵.徹樂.出次.祝幣.史辭.以禮焉.其如此而已.雖伯宗.若之何.伯宗請見之.不可.遂以告而從之.When a part of mount Liang fell, the marquis of Jin sent couriers to call Bozong to him. Bozong met a waggon, which he told to get out of the way to make room for his fast carriage. The waggoner said, "You will make more speed by taking a short road than by waiting for me." Bozong asked him what place he was of, and he replied, "Of Jiang." He then asked what was taking place there. "Mount Liang has fallen," said the man, "and [the marquis] is calling Bozong to consult about what is to be done." "And what do you think should be done?" pursued the officer. "When a mountain becomes disintegrated, it falls down; what can be done?" was the reply. "However, [each] State presides over [the sacrifices to] the hills and rivers in it; therefore when a mountain falls or a river becomes dry, the ruler in consequence does not have his table fully spread, does not appear in full dress, rides in a carriage without any ornament, hushes all his music, lodges outside the city, makes the priest prepare offerings, and the historiographer write a confession of his faults, and then does sacrifice [to the hills and rivers]. This is what the ruler has to do; what else can he do, even with the advice of Bozong?" Bozong wished to introduce the man at court, but he refused. However, he told what he had heard from him, and gave counsel accordingly.'
 許靈公愬鄭伯于楚.六月.鄭悼公如楚訟.不勝.楚人執皇戌及子國.故鄭伯歸.使公子偃請成于晉.秋.八月.鄭伯及晉趙同盟于垂棘 Duke Ling of Xu accused the earl of Zheng in Chu [See the Zhuan on p. 9 of last year]; and in the 6th month, duke Dao of Zheng went to Chu to reply. He did not succeed, however, and the people of Chu seized and held Huang Xu, and [duke Mu's son], Ziguo. On this account, when the earl of Zheng returned, he sent the Gongzi Yan to ask for peace with Jin. In autumn, in the 8th month, the earl of Zheng and Zhao Kuo of Jin made a covenant at Chuiji.
 宋公子圍龜為質于楚而歸.華元享之.請鼓譟以出.鼓譟以復入.曰.習攻華氏.宋公殺之. Weigui, duke [Wen's] son, of Song, returned from being a hostage in Chu. Hua Yuan made a feast for him, when he asked [duke Gong] that he might leave his palace amid drums and clamour, and return to it in the same style, saying, "I will practise how to attack the Hua family." On this the duke of Song put him to death.
 冬.同盟于蟲牢.鄭服也.諸侯謀復會.宋公使向為人辭以子靈之難. In winter, the States [mentioned] made a covenant together at Chonglao;—on occasion of the submission [to Jin] of Zheng.  They were consulting about another meeting, when the duke of Song made Xiang Weiren decline on his part, on account of the difficulties about Ziling.
 十一月.己酉.定王崩. In the eleventh month, on Jiyou, the king [by] Heaven's [grace] died.