X. Tenth year.

  1. 春.衛侯之弟黑背.帥師侵鄭.
  2. 夏.四月.五卜郊不從.乃不郊.
  3. 五月.公會晉侯.齊侯.宋公.衛侯.曹伯.伐鄭.
  4. 齊人來媵.
  5. 丙午.晉侯獳卒.
  6. 秋.七月.公如晉.
  7. 冬.十月.
 1. In the [duke's] tenth year, in spring, Heibei, younger brother of the marquis of Wey, led a force and made an incursion into Zheng.
2. In summer, in the fourth month, we divined a fifth time about the border sacrifice. The result was unfavourable, and we did not offer the sacrifice.
3. In the fifth month, the duke joined the marquis of Jin, the marquis of Qi, the duke of Song, the marquis of Wey, and the earl of Cao, in invading Zheng.
4. An officer came from Qi with ladies of that State to go to the harem [of Song].
5. On Bingwu, Nou, marquis of Jin, died.
6. In autumn, in the seventh month, the duke went to Jin.
7. It was winter, the tenth month.
 春.晉侯使糴茷如楚.報大宰子商之使也. In the 10th year, in spring, the marquis of Jin sent Di Fa to Chu, in return for its mission of the grand-administrator, Zishang (See the Zhuan at the end of last year)
 衛子叔黑背侵鄭.晉命也. Heibei, younger brother of the marquis of Wey, led a force and made an incursion into Zheng. This expedition of Zishu Heibei was undertaken by command of Jin.


 When the Gongzi Ban of Zheng heard of the scheme of Shu Shen [See the Zhuan on par. 12 of last year], he set up the Gongzi Ru.

In summer, in the 4th month, the people of Zheng killed Ru, and set up Kunwan, Ziru [The Gongzi Ban] fleeing to Xu. Luan Wuzi then said, "Since the people of Zheng have set up [another] earl, he whom we hold is but a common man. Of what use is it [to keep him]? We had better invade Zheng, restore its ruler, and thereon seek for peace." [At that time] the marquis of Jin was ill, and the State raised his eldest son, Zhoupu, to his place, and assembled the other States to invade Zheng. Zihan [A son of duke Mu] bribed [Jin] with the bell [from the temple] of [duke] Xiang. Ziran [Another son of duke Mu] made a covenant with the States at Xiuze; Zisi [A 3d son of Mu] became a hostage [in Jin]; and the earl returned to Zheng.

 The marquis of Jin saw in a dream a great demon with dishevelled hair reaching to the ground, which beat its breast, and leaped up, saying. "You have slain my descendants unrighteously, and I have presented my request to God in consequence [This would be the Spirit of the founder of the Zhao clan]." It then broke the great gate [of the palace], advanced to the gate of the State chamber, and entered. The duke was afraid and went into a side-chamber, the door of which it also broke. The duke then awoke, and called for the witch of Sangtian, who told him everything which he had dreamt. "What will be the issue?" asked the duke. "You will not taste the new wheat," she replied.
 公疾病.求醫于秦.秦伯使醫緩為之.未至.公夢疾為二豎子曰.彼良醫也.懼傷我.焉逃之.其一曰.居肓之上.膏之下.若我何.醫至.曰.疾不可為也.在肓之上.膏之下.攻之不可.達之不及.藥不至焉.不可為也.公曰.良醫也.厚為之禮而歸之. After this, the duke became very ill, and asked the services of a physician from Qin, the earl of which sent the physician Huan to do what he could for him. Before he came, the duke dreamt that his disease turned into two boys, who said, "That is a skilful physician; it is to be feared he will hurt us; how shall we get out of his way?" Then one of them said. "If we take our place above the heart and below the throat, what can he do to us?" When the physician arrived, he said, "Nothing can be done for this disease. Its seat is above the heart and below the throat. If I assail it [with medicine], it will be of no use; if I attempt to puncture it, it cannot be reached. Nothing can be done for it." The duke said, "He is a skilful physician," gave him large gifts, and sent him back to Qin.
 六月.丙午.晉侯欲麥.使甸人獻麥.饋人為之.召桑田巫.示而殺之.將食.張.如廁.陷而卒.小臣有晨夢負公以登天.及日中.負晉侯出諸廁.遂以為殉. In the sixth month, on Bingwu, the marquis wished to taste the new wheat, and made the superintendent of his fields present some. While the baker was getting it ready, they called the witch of Sangtian, showed her the wheat, and put her to death. As the marquis was about to taste the wheat, he felt it necessary to go to the privy, into which he fell, and so died. One of the servants that waited on him had dreamt in the morning that he carried the marquis on his back up to heaven. The same at mid-day carried him on his back out from the privy, and was afterwards buried alive with him!
 鄭伯討立君者.戊申.殺叔申.叔禽.君子曰.忠為令德.非其人猶不可.況不令乎. The earl of Zheng, punishing those who had set up other earls [in his place], on Wushen, put to death Shu Shen and [his brother] Shuh Qin [See the Zhuan on par. 12 of last year]. The superior man will say, "Loyalty, as a praiseworthy virtue, is still to be shown only to a proper object;—how much less should it be shown where it may not be deemed praiseworthy!"
 秋.公如晉.晉人止公.使送葬.於是糴茷未反. When the duke this autumn went to Jin, they detained him there, and made him attend the burial of the marquis. At this time Di Fa had not returned from Chu [See the Zhuan at the beginning of the year]. 
 冬.葬晉景公.公送葬.諸侯莫在.魯人辱之.故不書.諱之也. In winter there was the burial of duke Jing of Jin which was followed by the duke. No other prince of a State was present, and the historiographers of Lu, because of the disgrace connected with the thing, did not record, but concealed it.