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Duke Hui (惠公) married first a daughter of the House of Song (孟子); and on her death he supplied her place with Sheng Zi (聲子), one of her relatives who had followed her from Song to the harem of Lu. This lady was the mother of Yin; but duke Hui by and by took as a second wife the daughter of the duke Wu (武) of Song, called 仲子, who had been born with some remarkable lines on one of her hands, which were read as meaning that she would become marchioness of Lu. By her Hui had a son of higher dignity than Yin, in consequence of the superior position of his mother, and who afterwards made himself duke Huan. This child being too young to take charge of the State on his father's death, was set aside in favour of Yin, who, however, only considered himself as occupying in room of his younger brother till the latter should come of age.

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