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Mencius, translated by James Legge [1895]. The second book in the Confucian canon, the Meng-tzu, is named after its author, also known as Meng K'o or Mencius (371-289 B.C.E.).

Several chapters of Sacred-texts version has missing lines, for example , in chapter 25,  between 4-2, there should be line 1:
4. 'There are those who are great men. They rectify themselves and others are rectified.'

2. 'That his father and mother are both alive, and that the condition of his brothers affords no cause for anxiety;-- this is one delight.
The best Bilingual version I can find is that by Anne Kinney and Ming Lung  at Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities,  Charlottesville, University of Virginia, unfortunately, this is an XML file, most Browsers can't render it well, you may see unformatted texts.

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