交 Intercourse, friendliness. 拒 To repel, turn the cold shoulder to. 如之何etc. Why should there be that 其 repelling of others? C. Tzu Hsia's remarks were too narrow-minded, and Tzu Chang was correct in his satire 譏,on the other hand his own remarks 亦有過之弊  have the fault of going too far. 蓋大賢雖無所不容, 然大故亦所當絕 For though a man of high character may be universally tolerant, yet even to him there may be sufficient cause for separating himself from some. 不賢固不可以拒人, 然損友亦所當遠.The not worthy may verily not repulse others, nevertheless a hurtful friendship is to be avoided. L. about the principles that should characterise mutual inter course. Associate with those who can advantage you. (Cf I. 8, 3.). Put away from you those who cannot do so. The superior man honours the talented and virtuous, and bears with all, etc. Am I possessed of great talent and virtues? Who is there etc. not bear with? Am I devoid of etc. What have we to do with the putting away of others. Z. quaesiverunt de amicitia, probatis, his consociator; qui non probantur, eos repelle. sumne ego insipiens? alii stint me repulsuri ; quomodo fiet illud repellere alios? K. Those whom you find good make friends with, ete. not good turn your back upon... If we our selves are not worthy men will turn their backs upon us. How can we turn our backs upon them? Couv. sur l'amitié... qu'on doit faire société avec les hommes dont l'amitié peut être utile, et qu'il faut repous ser les autres encourage par des éloges ceux qui sont encore faibles ...Convient-il de repousserquelqu'un? 
三 子夏之門人,問交於子張.子張曰,子夏云何?對曰,子夏曰, 可者與之,其不可者拒之.子張曰,異乎吾所聞.君子尊賢而容眾,嘉善而矜不能.我之大賢與,於人何所不容,我之不賢與,人將拒我.如之何其拒人也.

CHAPTER III. The disciples of Tzu Hsia asked Tzu Chang concerning friendship. "What does Tzu Hsia say?" he enquired. "Tzu Hsia says," they replied, "If a man be suitable associate with him, if he be unsuitable turn him away." "This is different from what I have been taught," said Tzu Chang. "A wise man honours the worthy and tolerates all; he commends the good and commiserates the incompetent. Am I a man of exceptional worth? Then whom among men may I not tolerate? Am I not a man of worth? Then others would be turning me away. Why should there be this turning of others away? "