C. 小道,如農圃醫卜之屬 Inferior lines, such as farming, gardening, medicine and divining. 泥,不通 no thoroughfare, an impasse. (泥 means water impeded, no outlet). L. Even in inferior studies and employments, there is something worth being looked at, but if it be attempted to carry them out to what is remote, there is a danger of their proving inapplicable. ……does not practise them. Z. quamvis exilis ars, profecto habet quod sit spectatu dignum. At si etc. vereor ne obstructus haereas etc. K. if the attention to it is pushed too far, it is liable to degenerate into a hobby. Couv. Les métiers, les arts, même les plus humbles, ne sont nullement á mépriser. Mais si quelqu'un les exerqait en vue de plus grands choses (pour se perfectionner etc.), cette occupation lui serait peut-être un obstacle. 

四 子夏曰,雖小道,必有可觀者焉,致遠恐泥,是以君子不為也.

CHAPTER IV. Tzu Hsia said: "Even the inferior arts have certainly their attraction, but to go far into them involves a risk of their becoming a hindrance to progress, so the wise man lets them alone."