C. says these four relate more to study and examination than to steady application to and practice of Virtue, but whoever acts in accordance with this precept will not let his mind stray far away, hence it may be said that Virtue is therein. 切問 Incisive enquiry; 近思 Cf VI. 28, the near, that which concerns oneself, 仁 etc, Cf VII. 15; XIII, 18. 1. There are learning extensively, and having a firm and sincere aim; inquiring with earnestness, and reflecting with self-application; virtue is in such a course. Z. late addiscere et serio velle, practice consulere et proximi rimari etc. K. If you study extensively and are earnest in your aim, investigate carefully what you learn and apply it to your own personal conduct etc. Couv. É endez vos connaissances etc. pensez auz cliches qui vous touchent de près etc. 

六 子夏曰,博學而篤志,切問而近思,仁在其中矣.

CHAPTER VI. Tzu Hsia said: "Broad culture and a steady will, earnest investigation and personal reflection, Virtue is to be found therein."