XIX. XVIII. Notes C. 孟莊子魯大夫名速, 其父獻子名蔑, 獻子有賢德而莊子能用其臣守其政 etc. He was a Minister of Lu, named Su. His father Hsian Tzu, named Mieh, was a man of high character, and Chuang Tzu showed the greatness of his devotion by continuing his lather's servants and polity intact. The older commentator何晏records that he did so during the whole three years of mourning, despite unworthiness in certain of the men and mistakes in the policy. L. in other matters was what other men are competent to, but, as seen in the not changing the ministers of his father, nor his father's mode of government, it is difficult to be attained to. K. What other things he did etc. other men can do etc. Couv. qu on pouvait aisément imiter tous les exemples etc., hormis celui qu il a donne en ne changeant ni les serviteurs etc. 

十八 曾子曰, 吾聞諸夫子, 孟莊子之孝也. 其他可能也, 其不改父之臣, 與父之政是難能也. 

CHAPTER XVIII Tseng Tsu said: "I have heard the Master observe that the filial piety of Mêng Chuang Tzu might in other particulars be possible to other men, but his unaltered maintenance of his father's servants, and of his father s administration, these they would hardly find possible."