紂 The tyrant Emperor B.C 1122. According to the rules for posthumous titles 紂 means 殘忍損義 'cruel and unmerciful, injurious to righteousness. Though the devil be not as black as he is painted, the wise man does not like his company lest he too obtain a like bad name. 不如是之甚 Not as bad as this. C. 下流, 地形卑下之處, 眾流之所歸. A low-lying place where all things flow. 人身有汙賤之實, 亦 惡名之所聚也 When a man is undeniably immoral, every kind of evil will be attributed to him. L. Chou's wickedness was not so great as that name implies. Therefore the superior man hates to dwell in a low-lying situation, where all the evil of the world will flow in upon him. Z. improbitas non erat ita immensa etc. K. not so bad as tradition reports, people will give him credit for all the wickednesses that are in the world. Couv. n'a pas été si extrême qu'on le de. Le sage craint beaucoup de descendre le courant ; et de s'arrêter dans l'endroit: ou toutes les eaux de l'empire se déversent. 

二十 子貢曰,紂之不善不如是之甚也,是以君子惡居下流,天下之惡皆歸焉.

CHAPTER XX. - - Tzu Kung said: "Even the iniquity of Chou was not as extreme as is stated. That is why the wise man abhors to dwell in the swamp, where all the evil of the world flows in."