I. Ch'ao, the Duke s grandson. His referring to Confucius by name Chung Ni suggests that he was a scion of the ducal house. Nothing more is known of him. 焉 How? but it is generally interpreted here by, From whom ? When? L. K. From whom etc.? Z. unde didicit? Couv. de quel maitre etc. 

2. C. 在人, 言人有能記之者. Means there were some able to remember them, 識, 記也, L. The doctrines etc. earth. They are to be found among men. Men of talents and virtue remember the greater principles of them, and others, not possessing such etc. Where could our Master go that he should not have an opportunity of learning them? And yet what necessity was there for his having a regular master? Z. Wen et Ou imperatorum institute nondum deciderunt in terrain, persistunt in hominibus minus sapientes recordantur eorum leviora, ut nusquam non existat etc. et turn quid certi magistri opus? K. The principles of religion and morality held by the ancients have not all disappeared. Even now those who are wise and worthy understand the great principles of the system, and those who are not wise, and even unworthy men etc. why should he necessarily have had one special teacher? Couv. ne sont pas tombées dans l'oubli ; elle vivent toujours clans la mémoire des hommes. Les hommes de talent etc. Les hommes ordinaires. Les enseignments etc. subsistent encore partout. Do quelle source mon maître n'a-t-il pas tiré etc. Et quel besoin avait-il de s'attacher a un maitre déterminée.


一 衛公孫朝問於子貢曰, 仲尼焉學?

二 子貢曰, 文武之道, 未墜於地, 在人, 賢者識其大者, 不賢者識其小者, 莫不有文武之道焉. 夫子焉不學, 而亦何常師之有.

CHAPTER XXII. i. Kung-sun Ch'ao of Wei once enquired of Tzu Kung : "From whom did Chung Ni get his learning? " 

2. "The doctrines of Wên and Wu have never yet fallen to the ground," replied Tzu Kung, "but have remained amongst men. Gifted men have kept in mind their nobler principles, while others not so gifted have kept in mind the minor, so that nowhere have the doctrines of Wên Wu been absent. From whom then, could our Master not learn? And, moreover, what need was there for him to have a regular teacher?"