The Eleventh Province of the Empire of China, Se tchuen.

THE Province of Se tchuen is bounded on the North by Chen si, on the East by Hou quang, on the South by Koei tcheou and Yun nan, and on the West by the Kingdom of Tibet, and some other neighbourmg Countries. It is divided into ten Districts, which comprehend ten Cities of the First Order, and fourscore and eight others of the Second and Third Orders, besides Garrisons and Forts in great number. 

The great River, Yang tse kiang, runs through the Province, which is vastly rich, not only by reason of the great Quantity of Silk that it produces, but in Mines of Iron, Tin, and Lead ; in its Amber, Sugar-Canes, excellent Load-Stones, and Lapis Lazuli ; this last is of a very fine Blue. It abounds also in Musk, and great Quantities of Orange and Limon-Trees : There are also fine Horses, which are small and pretty, and very swift ; likewise Stags, Deer, Partridges, Parrots, and a certain kind of Hen with Wool like Sheep-Wool ; they are very, small, have very short Feet, and are of great esteem among the Chinese Ladies, who keep them for their Pleasure. 

The best Rhubarb comes from this Province ; and the true Root of Foulin, which has under its Bark a kind of Pulp, spongy and glutinous, which the Physicians make use of in all their Remedies ; there is also some in the other Provinces, but it is wild and not so good as this : There is also another Root called Fen se, which bears a great Price, and consequently is not so commonly made use of. As this Province is far from the Sea, and cannot get Salt so conveniently as some others, they dig Pits in the Mountains from which they get Salt-Water, which evaporated by Fire leaves a Salt behind it, but is not so good as that of the Sea. 

The First City, and Capital of the Province of Tching tou fou. 

THIS was formerly one of the finest Cities in the Empire, but was ruined in the Civil Wars in the Year 1642, as well as the whole Province: Since that Time it has not recovered its ancient Splendor, however it is a populous and trading Place : Its District is very large, having six Cities of the Second Order, and twenty five of the Third. 

The Land is well cultivated, and the Country well watered with Canals, both natural and artificial ; two of its Rivers are very remarkable, the first for giving a fine Lustre to Velvet, and the other for tempering of Iron. 

The Second City, Pao ning fou. 

THIS City is seated between two Rivers ; it is small , but neat and a Place of Commerce ; the Houses are well built, the Country about it is covered with Mountains, where there are Deer and Stags in great number : It abounds with Musk, and has ten Cities in its Jurisdiction, two of them of the Second Order, and eight of the Third, 

The Third City, Chun king fou. 

THIS City is seated on the Banks of a fine River, and has within its District, two Cities of the Second Order, and seven of the Third : It is surrounded with Mountains, some of which are covered with Orange Trees ; there is more Arable Land than in the Territories of Pao ning. 

It produces great quantities of Silk, as also Oranges of all Sorts, the Root Scorzonera, and a kind of Chestnut very agreeable to the Taste. 

The Fourth City, Su tcheou fou. 

THIS City is seated on the Banks of the River Yang tse kiang, which makes It a Place of great Commerce, and opens a Communication with the Capital,, and with several other Places of the Province. Altho' the Country is mountainous yet it is very fruitful, there being nothing Wanting for the Conveniencies and Pleasures of Life. There are a vast Quantity of Canes called Bamboo, which the Chinese make use of in various Works ; There are ten Cities of the Third Order in its Jurisdiction. 

The Fifth City, Tchong king fou. 

THIS is one of the finest, and most trading Cities of the Province, and has in its District three Cities of the Second Order, and eleven of the Third : It is built at the Confluence of two remarkable Rivers, which make its Trade with tie whole Province considerable. 

Tchong king is built upon a Hill, the Houses seem to rise one above another like an Amphitheatre , the Country which is depending upon it, is of a vast Extent, and mix'd with Vallies and Mountains ; the Air is very temperate : They make very pretty Trunks here of Canes twisted, and painted with divers Colours. The Rivers abound with excellent Fish, and Tortoises are in high esteem there. 

The Sixth City, Koei tcheou fou. 

THIS City is seated on the Banks of the great River Tang tse kiang, and is the Key to the Province, where there is a Custom-House kept to receive the Duties of the Merchandizes which are brought there v it is very rich thro' its great Commerce. There are ten Cities within its Jurisdiction, one of the Second Order, and nine of the Third; Altho' the Country is mountainous, yet the Industry of the Husbandmen has made it very fruitful. There are great Quantities of Musk, and of those, Wells from which they procure Salt : Orange and Limon-Trees are very common here. In the Northern Part the Mountains are very rugged and steep, and inhabited by a very barbarous People, when compared with the common Chinese. 

The Seventh City , Mahou fou. 

THIS City is built on the Banks of the River Kin cha kiang, and has but one City of the Third Order in its District, which is very small, but very fruitful ; In some of its Mountains there are Stags. 

The Eighth Ctty, Long ngan fou. 

ALTHOUGH this City has but three Cities of the Third Order within its District, yet it is looked upon as one of the most important Places of the Province, being the Key of it, and having several Ports under its Jurisdiction, which were formerly of great use to prevent the Invasions of the Tartars: The Country abounds both with steep Mountains and fruitful Vallies. 

The Ninth City, Tsun y fou. 

THIS City has nothing remarkable, only that it is seated on the Frontiers of the Province of Koei tcheou, and is capable of defending the Entrance of it on that Side : It hath two Cities of the Second Order, and four of the Third Order in its Jurisdiction : The Country is very mountainous, and is fruitful enough in some Places. 

The Tenth City, Tong tchucn fou. 

THIS is a Military Place, as well as the Cities of Ou mong, Tou fou, and Tchin hiung tou fou : They are thus called because the Inhabitants are old Soldiers, the Profession descending from Father to Son : Besides their Pay they have the Lands which surround the City : these Troops are disbanded in time of Peace, and to make them amends they are placed in all the Garrisons that are in the Frontiers of the Empire : Besides these Cities of the First Order there are others, which tho' they are only of the Second Order, yet have some of the Third Order depending on them, and many Forts, or Places of War, such as those that follow. 

Tong tchouen tcheou, whole Country is watered with several Rivers, and is very fruitful, the Air very healthful, and the Vallies and Mountains well cultivated; there are abundance of Sugarcanes, which produce the best Sugar : There are a great Number of Villages well peopled. 

Kia ting tcheou, whose Territory is well water'd with Rivers, and produces abundance of Rice, and hath Musk very plenty. 

Ta tcheou, which is the nearest Town to Tibet, and commands several Forts upon the Borders of that Province.