Of the Nation of the Lolos.

THE Nation of the Lolo rul'd in Yun nan, and was governed by different Sovereigns; the Chinese, after having erected here some Forts and Cities in the little Plains which were uncultivated, and having fought some Battles, chose to engage these People to them, by giving to their Lords for ever the Seals and all the Honours of the Chinese Mandarins, with the Titles of tchifou or chi tcheou, &c. on condition, nevertheless, that they should acknowledge the Emperor, and be subject to the Governor of the Province in common Affairs, after the same manner as the Mandarins of China of the same Rank ; that moreover they should receive from the Emperor the Investiture of their Lands, and that those who had not received his Consent, should have no Power to exercise any Authority ; the Emperor promising on his Part to invest the highest Heir. 

The Lolos are as well made as the Chinese, and more inur'd to Hardship. 

Their Language is different from the Chinese: They have a sort of Writing which seems to be the same as that of the Bonzes of Pegou and Aua. These People ingratiate themselves with the richest and most powerful of the Lolos, who inhabit in the Western Part of Yun nan, and have here built great Temples of a very different Structure from the Chinese, The Ceremonies, the Prayers, and all the sacred Worship is the same as at Pegou. 

The Lords of Lolos are the unlimited Masters of their Subjects, and have Power to punish them even with Death, without waiting for the Sentence of the Viceroy, or even of the Court: They are likewise serv'd with an incredible Ardour and Zeal. 

Every one looks upon it as a high Preferment to be admitted into the Service of the Palace. This Word is more suitable to these Edifices, than to so many Chinese Tribunals which they call by this Name, in some Accounts, although for the most Part they are poorly repaired, and scarcely inhabitable. The Lolou who look upon the Hall where they give Audience, and all other Apartments, as their Property, take care to keep them in Repair, and beautify them. Besides the Officers of the Houshold, and others which serve by the Quarter, they have Captains who command the Militia of the Country. Part of this Militia consists in Horse, the other is made up of Foot, which are arm'd with Arrows, Spears, and often with Muskets. Although the Horses of Yun nan, as well as those of Se tchucn, are the smallest of China, they are very much valued ; for besides that they are of a fine Colour, and well-proportion'd, they are strong, lively, and tradable. 

The Mountains within their Bounds must afford Mines of Iron and Copper, for they make their own Arms. The Chinese sometimes carry Arms to them, and there are some who insinuate themselves into the Houses of the Lords, and enrich themselves at the Cost of their Subjects. 

The Country abounds in all Sorts of Commodities, and is enrich'd with Mines of Gold and Silver. The dress of the Pople Lolo is a Pair of Drawers, a Linen Vest which comes no lower than the Knees, and a Straw Hat, They go with their Legs naked, and wear nothing but Sandals. 

The Lords wear a Tartar Habit of Satin or Damask ; the Ladies, over a long Gown which reached to their Feet, wear a little Cloke which comes no lower than the Waist. It is in this Habit that they ride, even in the Marriage Ceremonies, or in the Visits which they pay, accompanied with their Waiting-Women on Horseback, and their Domesticks on Foot,