The Ninth Dynasty called Tsi

 The Ninth Dynasty called Tsi, which had Five Emperors in the Space of twenty-three Years. 

Kao ti, the First Emperor , reigned four Years, 

HE fixed his Residence at the City of Nan King, the Capital of the Province of Kiang nan, But he enjoy'd not long the Fruits of his Crimes ; he was distinguish'd more for Learning than Military Actions : He used to say, That if he governed the Empire for ten Years he would make Gold as cheap as Clay. One Day, being dress'd in a rich Habit set over with Jewels, all of a sudden he ordered them to be beaten to Powder, saying they were good for nothing but to inspire Luxury and Pride. He died at the Age of fifty-four, and was succeeded by his eldest Son Vou ti. 

Vou ti, the Second Emperor , reigned eleven Years. 

HE began his Reign with a Law against the Continuation of the Mandarins in their Employments beyond the Term of three Years, and revived an ancient Statute, which prohibited the Intermarriages of families of the same Name. 

At this time Cycle 48. A.D. 484. there appear'd a pretended Philosopher, whose Name was Fan tchin, who vented most pernicious Tenets hitherto unheard of, viz. That all Events in this World are the Effect of pure Chance; that after this Life the State of Mankind is the same with that of Beasts ; and that the Soul dies with the Body. 

This impious Doctrine quickly received Confutation from many excellent Tracts, which were publish'd in the Works of the Learned. 

Siao yuen, a politick and valiant Man, was raised to the Dignity of Prime Minister ; he trod in the Steps of his Predecessor, and shed the Blood of his Matters to usurp their Crowns. 

Vou ti died at forty-five Years of Age, and Ming ti, the Brother of the Founder of this Dynasty, was advanced in his Room. 

Ming ti, the Third Emperor, reigned five Years, 

KAO ti, the Founder of the Dynasty, thought it best to commit the Care and Education of his young Children to his Brother Ming ti, who placed them successively upon the Throne, but cut them off one after another in the short space of four Months, and seiz'd the Crown. 

Mtng ti died at forty Years of Age, and left the Crown to his third Son Hoen heou. 

Hoen heou, the fourth Emperor , reigned two Years. 

THE Debaucheries and Cruelty of this Prince, his Contempt of wise Counsels, and the too great Sway he allowed the Eunuchs, were so many Pretences for Siao yuen, under which to cloak his passion for Reigning: He join'd the King of Leang, ,nd when he had made himself Master of the Palace, set it on fire, and afterwards built another more magnificent ; the Emperor was dethroned, and at nineteen Years old killed by the Hands of the Prime Minister, and the Traitor placed Ho ti, this unfortunate Prince's Brother, upon the Throne. 

Ho ti, the Fifth Emperor, reigned one Year. 

SIAO YUEN's View, in placing this young Prince on the Throne, would not suffer his long Continuance there, for at the Year's end he deprived him of his Life and Crown, which he seiz'd, and founded , new Dynasty.