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Zuo Zhuan

春秋,附左傳 'The Spring and Autumn; with the Zuo zhuan or Commentary of Zuo.' 


This ebook is copied from Xwomen without the Prolegomena. In the "Notes on the transliteration", we learned that "The Ch'un Ts'ew with the Tso Chuen was translated by James Legge, 1872. The new transliteration was done by Andrew Miller, a Ph.D. student at UCLA, in 2007." I caught several apparent names missed by Dr. Andrew Miller, and some marks, etc. But I don't know why he kept the state name "Wey" untouched, it should be Wei in modern Chinese Pinyin, but before I finish reading the whole book, I don't dare to change it, just in case he had some reasons to keep it.