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Acupuncture 针, 377. 

Alternation of nature and culture, prosperity and decay. 474. 

Amulets and charms 蘭服牙身, boys wear Jade-stones, girls pearls. 505.


Ancestral tablet 主 of wood, one foot two inches long, 536.


Ancient characters 古文 , 448, 455. 

Angels, informing the Spirit of Heaven of human misdeeds, 291, a fallen angel 斥仙, 341. 

Animals, are creatures like man, 280, the killing of animals is wicked, eod. 

Anthroposcopy and physiognomy 骨相, Chap. XXIV.


Anti-alcoholic memorial, 88. 

Antidotes, how given, 158. 

Antiquarians know how to determine the age of old swords, 345.


Antiquity, overestimated by scholars and artists, 470.


Apparitions 妖 either ghosts shaped like men, or men behaving like ghosts, 232, 244. 

Army 军, 4,000 men, divided into 2 divisions 师.


Ascension to heaven by the soul, 228, of Huang Ti, 332, of Huai Nan Tse, 335. 

Auspicious grain 嘉禾, 323, 366. 


Ballista 弩, of ten stones, 498, pulled with a windlass 车, 503.


Beauty, engendered by a magical force, vicious and depraved, 302. 

Bird 鸟, star, 118. 

Births, supernatural. 318, 464. 

Black tortoise 玄武 , the northern quadrant of solar mansions, 106. 

Blue Dragon 苍龙 the eastern quadrant of solar mansions, 106,534. 

Bronze vase of the year 669 b.c. with inscription, 344. 

Burning glasses 阳遂 378.


Burning of the Books by Ch'in Shih Huang Ti, 204, 447, 449, 490. 


Cannibalism, in times of dearth, 170. 

Ceremonies originate from a want of loyalty, 100. 

Chance 幸, definition, 142, Chap.X. 

Chaos 溟涬濛澒 252. 

Character 性 and natural gifts 才 determine human intelligence and conduct, 145, Chap. XXXI, transformed by instruction and the influence of virtue, 380, depend on the quantity of the original fluid, 381. 

Chin (kin) 金, old coins, 132, 146, 365, 377, 433. 

Chopsticks 箸, of ivory considered a great luxury under the Shang dynasty, 354. 

Chronicle of Yü 禹本纪 Yü-pen-chi, 254. 

Commerce resorted to by lay agriculturists, 170. 

Contingencies 遭, definition, 142, contingencies and chance agree or disagree with destiny, 123. 

Cook, in Sung, famous for butchery, 239. 

Index of Subjects. 


Cow, may give birth to a horse, 102. ' 

Creation, 252. 

Cricket and chrysalis no emblem of immortality, 122.  

Cries of a new-born child indicative of the length of its life. 314.


Cross-bow 弩, 251, 266, 533. 


Days and nights, their different lengths how caused, 259. 

Death 死, Chap. XV, death the correlate of birth, 349. 

Destiny 命, Chap. VIII and IX, destiny of a State stronger than that of individuals, 137, connected with the stars, eod., natural 正 , concomitant 隨, adverse 遭, 138, received at the time of conception, 139, does not agree with natural disposition, good or bad character, eod. determines life and death, rank and wealth, 144, not influenced by virtue or knowledge, eod., natural destiny according to Mencius' view, 431, destiny depends on Heaven, 526. 

Dipper 斗, constellation, 275, 450. 

Diseases have natural causes, 528. 

Distance, its effect on vision, 261, 266, 274. 

Divination 卜筮, Chap. XIV, by tortoise shell and milfoil, 182, by shells and by diagrams, 526. 

Dragon 龍, attracts the clouds and the rain, 279, 356, fetched by Heaven during a tempest, 285, 351, rising to heaven 293, an auspicious animal. 323, a reptile that undergoes transformations, 327, Chap. XXIX, lives in the water, 351, like fish and reptiles, 352, represented with a horse's head and a snake's tail, 353, mounts the clouds, and is like earthworms and ants, eod., reptiles that can be domesticated and eaten, 354, not intelligent, eod., dragon liver and unborn leopard, eod., the dragon rides on the clouds, 357, contracts and expands its body, can become visible and invisible, 358, can transform itself, eod. 

Dragon Star 龍星 520. 

Dreams and visions 夢, their naturedoubtful, 200, 215, direct dreams, 228, interpretation of dreams, 189. 

Dwarfs, used as actors, 473. 


Eagles transformed into pigeons and vice versa, 368. 

Earth 地, has a body like man, 183, size of its area, 256, does not move, 267, high in the north-west and low in the south-east, 268. 

Earth-quake, predicted, 112, 127. 

Eclipse 蝕, how caused 269 seq.. 

Eight Diagrams 八卦, invented by Fu Hsi, expanded by Wên Wang, 87, 454, 474. 

Elixir of life 金玉之精 made of gold and gems, drunk by Taoists, 339. 

Emperors, their investiture by Heaven, 132, 133. 

Energy, human, doubled by fear, 498. 

Equanimity of the wise who placidly await their fate, 145, 149. 

Equinoxes, vernal and autumnal 分, 259, 265. 

Exaggerations, why people are fond of them, 85. 

Executions are wicked, 280. 

Exorcism 解除 Chap. XLIV. 


Fate see Destiny, 130, becomes the mind internally and the body externally, 131, is obtained spontaneously, not by any effort, 150, fate of long life, 313, 402. 


Index of Subjects. 

Felicitous plant 蓂荚 366. 

Fever 虐 cured with pills causing perspiration, 282. 

Fifteen dynasties 十五家 at the beginning of history, 90. 

Fifth month child supposed to kill its parents, 161. 

Fishes and birds are related, both can fly and are oviparous, 300, fishes and turtles are metamorphosed from snakes and reptiles, 326, 368. 

Five Birds 五鸟. 372. 

Five Canons (Classics) 五經: — Yiking. Shikhing, Shuking. Liki, and Ch'un-cKiu, 86, 447, 449, 490. 

Five Elements 五行: — metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, 104, 201, 272. 

Five Emperors and Three Rulers 五帝三王:— Huang Ti, Chuan 

Hsü, K'u, Yao, Shun, and Yü, T'ang, and Wên Wang, 76, 81, 101, 138, 324, 332, 334. 359, 372, 405, 464, 467, 484, 511. 

Five Grains 五榖: — hemp, millet, rice, wheat, and beans, 381, 517. 

Five Lakes 五湖 = T'ai-hu in Kiangsu, 380. 

Five Leading Princes 五伯 -- : Duke Huan of Ch'i, Duke Wên of Chin, Duke Hsiang of Sung, Duke Chuang of Ch'u, and Duke Mu of Ch'in, 74. 101. 

Five Mountains 五嶽 — Tai-shan, Hêng-shan, Hua-shan, Hêng- shan, and Sung-shan, 251. 

Five Organs (intestines) 五臟: — the heart, the liver, the stomach,  the lungs, and the kidneys, 105, 195, the necessary substratum of the Five Virtues, 195, 381, regulating the vital Fluid, 496. 

Five Planetary Emperors 五帝, 234. 

Five Planets 五星: — Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn, 271, are made of the substance of the Five Elements, 276. 

Five Qualities 五常: — benevolence, justice, propriety, knowledge, and truth, 381, 390. 

Five Sacrifices 五祭 of the house, the outer and inner doors, the well, the hearth, and the inner court, 510, 516. Five Sacrifices of the Princes, 519. 

Five State Robes 五服, worn under the reign of the emperor Yü, 490. 

Five Time Keepers 五纪 of the Shuking: — the year, month, day, stars, and dates of calendar, 452.


Five Virtues see Five Qualities, 105, 194, 474. 

Flatulence, its causes, 295. 

Fluid see Vital Fluid and Primogenial Fluid.


Fluid-eaters 食氣者 Taoists living on air to obtain immortality, 348.


Flying fish, 357. 

Fortune-tellers 相工 and their methods, Chap. XXIV. 

Founders melting metal, 294. 

Four classes of the disciples of Confucius 四科, 376.


Four Grey Beards 四皓 . recluses at the beginning of the Han epoch, 437.


Four Quadrants (Constellations) 四星:— Blue Dragon,White Tiger, Scarlet Bird, and Black Tortoise, 353.


Four Seas and Four Mountains 四海, 四山 forming the limits of ancient China, 253. 

Frogs become quails, 326, 336, 368. 

Index of Subjects. 



Gems and pearls, made artificially by the Taoists, 378. 

Genii 仙人, represented with feathers and wings, 293, 330, so light that they can fly like wild geese, 2.52. 

Geomancers 占射事者, 531. 

Ghosts 鬼, diffuse and invisible, 191, the dead do not become ghosts and have no consciousness, eod.; a name of the passive principle, eod.; ghosts are not the essence of the dead, 192 seq.; Chap. XVIII, ghosts are visions of sick people, 239. 240, apparitions' of the fluid of sickness, 240, seen by madmen, eod., made of the stary fluid, 241, ghosts the essence of old creatures, 241, ghosts living in men, eod., the spirits of cyclical signs, 242, creatures like men: — flying corpses 飛尸, crawling demons 走凶 , goblins 魅, devils 魑, 243, kingdom of the Ghosts 鬼国, eod., wicked ghosts 厉鬼, eod., ghosts apparitions in human shape, 244. are the Yang fluid, therefore red, burning and able to abscond, 246, know what is secret, 291, devils are supernatural apparitions produced by the sun, 299, ghosts are burning poison and have a red colour, 299, ghosts and spirits more ethereal than immortals, .524, insensible of joy and anger, eod., expulsion of ghosts, 532, sick people see ghosts, 533. 

Ghost of Fever 虐鬼, son of Chuag Hsü, 242, 534. 

God 上帝= Shang Ti, 134, 162, 203; a public spirit, who does not trouble about private grievances, 204; 223, 227. 321. 328, 355. 

Golden Age, its praise unfounded, 471 seq.


Government, must be based on virtue, not on criminal law, 441, by not governing, 95. 

Grand Annalist 太史公 = Sse Ma Ch'ien, the author of the Shi-chi, 86, 96, 111, 115, 148, 153, 167, 168, 254, 332, 845, 462, 463, 464. 

Great Diviner of Ch'i 齊太卜= Yen Tse, 112, 159. 

Great Wall, constructed by Mêng T'ien, 167. 

Green Dragon see Blue Dragon, 301. 


Halo (aureole) 光氣, 173, 178

Happiness 福 and fortune 禄 not connected with wisdom and intelligence, 145, Chap. XI and XII, not given by Heaven as a reward, 156. 

Hare 兔, in the moon, 268, conceives by licking the pubescence of plants, and the leveret issues from its mouth, 319. 

Heart 心, governs the members and the senses and is not governed by them 111, constellation, 1 18, 127, 230. 

Hearth 竈, sacrifice to. 343, God of the Hearth, 519. 

Heat and cold 寒温, Chap. XXI, not influenced by the sovereign, 278, coinciding with joy and anger, 288. 

Heaven 天, emits its fluid everywhere, but acts spontaneous, 92, has neither mouth nor eyes, eod., its fluid is: — placid, tranquil, desireless, inactive, and unbusied 恬淡無欲無爲無事, 93, its principle spontaneity, 95, and inactive, 99. does not speak nor act, 101, reprimands contrary to its nature, 102, affects tilings, but is not affected by them, 109, is the master of man and things, eod. and 111, its fluid forms the shapeless empyrean, 113, not moved by the sighs of ten thousand people, eod., does not reprimand a sovereign, nor kill malefactors, 126, Heaven's spontaneity and inaction preclude wisdom and sensations, 127, Heaven does not speak, 128, the words of the wise are the words of Heaven, eod., anthropomorphisms of the Shiking and the Shuking, eod.; the heart of Heaven in the bosom of the Sages, 129, Heaven's decree, 130, 132, 408, Heaven is spontaneous, 133, human qualities ascribed to it, 134, wealth and honour come from Heaven, 136 seq., 404, its body, 183, Heaven does not speak nor hear, its nature is non-interference, 184; 227, Heaven's ways difficult to understand, 242; Chap. XIX, the pure elements formed heaven, the impure ones earth, 252, heaven is not air, but has a body, 257, its distance from earth, eod., its circumference 365 degrees, eod., not raised in summer, nor depressed in winter, 260, not high in the south, nor low in the north, eod., not shaped like a reclining umbrella 261, looks like a bowl turned upside down, eod., is as level as earth, 262, heaven makes a circumvolution of 365 degrees = 730,000 Li every day, 266, heaven's movement the spontaneous emission of fluid, 268, its distance from earth upwards of 60,000 Li, 275, its principle spontaneity, 283, Heaven's anger, 286, the dark blue sky, eod., Heaven humanised, eod.; all beings to Heaven like children, 289, Heaven does not write, 295, emits its fluid into Earth, 322, minister of Heaven, 421, Mencius on Heaven, 422, the Heaven of antiquity is the Heaven of to-day, 471, Heaven is a body like the Earth, 509, Heaven the master of the hundred spirits, 526, virtues are its principles eod. 

Heaven and Earth 天地, by the fusion of their fluids all things are produced, 92, are like husband and wife, 93, 99, 287, 322, are inactive, 97, cannot act, are devoid of knowledge, 101, do not create man on purpose, 103, their fluids mixing, things grow naturally and spontaneously, 104, the great man equals them in virtue, 129, believed to punish the wicked, 164, cannot be interrogated by diviners, 182, do not respond, 184; have a body, eod.; set in order, 193, contain air, 252, act in spontaneous harmony, 277, their nature is spontaneity, 280, father and mother of mankind, 287, like a great furnace filled with Yang (fire) and Yin (water), 294, 320, 330, are both bodies, 337, were not born and do not die, 349, conjointly produce all things, 471, their size many ten thousand Li, 510, the emperor treats Heaven like his father and Earth like his mother, 517, in man the mind of Heaven and Earth reach their highest development, 529. 

Heavenly fluid 天氣, 110, 138. 

Heavenly officials 百官 the stars, 138, 227.


Hill sacrifice  封禅, Feng-shan, 332. 

Homeopathetic treatment 以類治之; cold cured by cold, and fever by fire, 299.


Hook Star 钩星 = Mercury, 127. 

Hot Water Abyss see T'ang-ku. 

Index of Subjects. 


House 房星 constellation, 112, 118, 127.


Human Emperors 人皇, mythical rulers of remotest antiquity, 193, 252. 


Ignorance, blissful of primitive times, 100.


Immortality, drug of 仙薬, 335, aimed at by Taoists, 336, 343. 

Inaction 無爲, 92. 

Incidents 偶 , definition, 143. 

Intoxication, the virtuous believed not to become intoxicated, 487. 


Killing animals see animals. 


Land division in Wei, 382. 

Language, different in ancient, and modern times and in different parts of the empire, 72. 

Life 生; the Taoists endeavour to prolong life by quietism and dispassionateness, 346, its proper length a hundred years, 314, 472. Long life, the shortest 70 years, medium 80 years, longest 90 years, 452. 

Life and death 死生 depend on Destiny, 136 seq. 

Literati 儒, 250, 252, 257, 265, 

304, 332, 338, 434, 447, 473, 490. 

Luan 鸞,bird inferior to the phoenix, 364.

Luck 禄, definition. 141. 

Lumbago (sciatica) 腓 or 邉, said to be caused by devils flogging the patient, 299, cured with honey and cinnabar, eod. 


Madness  狂痴, a disturbance of the vital force, 240, of nature 380. 

Magpies 乾鹊, know the future, 358. 

Man, born from Heaven and Earth and endowed with the heavenly fluid, 97, why active, eod.; his insignificance, when compared with Heaven and Earth, 109, filled with the heavenly fluid, 111, a tiny creature, 112, imbibing the heavenly fluid man is born, 138, man a pigmy, 183, before his birth and after death man is part of the primogenial fluid, 194, he is born and kept alive by the Yin and the Yang, 249, a creature like others. 289, the noblest of the productions of Heaven and Earth, 320, 352, like lice. 322, is born by propagation, end., never metamorphosed, 327, not different from other creatures, 335, first among naked creatures, 353, 528, endowed with a spontaneous mind and a uniform disposition, 386, average people and people above and below the average, 386, 391, endowed with the nature of Heaven and Earth, 390, with the Five Qualities, eod., the most intelligent of the ten thousand creatures, 528. 

Marriage, age of, 472. 

Matriarchate, 473. 

Mechanisms : — a flying kite, a wooden carriage and horses, made by Mê Tse and Lu Pan, 499. 

Medicine, liquid and pills, 282, mineral drugs 薬石, 252. 

Meteors 星墜 230, 271, 274 seq., 507. 

Miracles 怪, 244, Chap. XXVI. 

Moon 月 , moves 13 degrees = 26,000 Li every day, 266, a hare and a toad in the moon, 268, the moon is water, eod. 

Music, its power on animals, 379, its magical force. 222. 


Index of Subjects. 


Naked People 躶國, 407. 

Nature 性, natural 正, concomitant 隨, adverse 遭, 140, human nature affected by its environment, 375, by instruction, 382, different views on original nature, Chap. XXXII. 

Natural feelings and natural disposition 情性 the basis of human activity, 384, said to correspond to the Yin and the Yang, 389. 

Nine Continents 九州, 253. 

Nine Heavens 九垓,339. 

Nine Provinces (Circuits) 九州 = China. 253, 390. 

Nine Relations 九族, ascendants and descendants, 492. 

Nine Streams 九川, 261. 

Nine Tripods 九鼎, of the Chou dynasty, disappeared, 218, auspicious, 505, their history, 506. 

Nine Wild tribe s of the East 九夷, 406. 

Notes, musical, 121. 

Noxious influences 祟 Chap. XLIII. 

Nursing of children, 314. 


Odes of the Shiking 诗, 91. 

Omens (Portents) 驗, Chap. XlII, different kinds, 173, 183, the lucky meet with lucky omens by chance, 186, omens and signs are always true, 190, shaped like man, 230, indicate future happiness or misfortune, 245, correspond to something good, 368, happen spontaneously, eod., during the Han epoch, 372, 406, under Ming Ti, 479, under Kuang Wu Ti, 480. 

Ominous creatures 瑞物, have no species, are born by accident, 365, from a propitious fluid, 366. 

Original fluid, see Primogenial fluid. 

Orphan of Chao 趙孤 177. 


Parrots 鹦鹉, can talk, 358. 

Pearls, genuine ones in fishes, 273, and shells, 378. 

Pearl-tree in the farthest southwest 珠樹, 273. 

Perfect man, 134. 

Phantoms 妖 consist of the solar fluid, 245, emit poison, 247. 

Phoenix 鳳凰, Chap. XXX, a holy bird, huge with a variegated plumage, 359, accompanied by thousands of birds, 363, phoenix and unicorn signs of universal peace, 364, as big as a horse; 5 feet high, 366, did not come at Confucius' time, 405. 

Phenomenalists  , 變復之家, scholars who explained calamities and other natural phenomena by moral causes, 127, 128, 281, 283. 

Physiognomy see Antlu-oposcopy. 

Physiognomists, have divided human features into more than seventy classes, 72. 

Pillar of Heaven 天柱 = K'un- lun, 89, 250. 

Plan of the Yellow River 河圖, 95, 238, 294, 405, 454. 

Plum , may grow on a cherry-tree, 102. 

Poison 毒, Chap. XXIII, the hot air of the sun, 298, bad men filled with a poisonous fluid, 300, poison of glib-tongued people, 303. 

Pole of heaven 天極, 255. 

Polar star 極星, 260, 斗極, 263. 

Polygamy , its drawbacks, 141. 

Portents see Omens. 

Posthumous titles, 162, 208, 333. 

Pregnant women, what they are to avoid, while with child, 141. 

Index of Subjects. 


Primitive life, 474, happy without virtue and knowledge, 100. 

Primogenial fluid 元氣, vague, diffuse, and unconscious, the human fluid a part of it, 194, genuine and harmonious ; all people filled with it, 471. 

Primordial generation offish and grass, 3G8. 

Propriety and righteousness upheld against Han Fei Tse, 434 seq. 

Public instruction and criminal law what for, 380. 

Punishments meted out in autumn and winter, 148, 280, 291. 

Purple boletus 紫芝, a felicitous plant, 132, eaten by Taoists, 339. 


Quip OS, 473. 


Rain 雨, portended l)y insects, by 

the expansion of chords, and by 

chronic diseases, 109, its origin, 277, 

becomes dew and frost, eod.; a fluid 

emitted by heaven, 289, the Rain 

Rat 鼠病, a skin-disease cured by eating a cat, 158. 

Raven 三足鸟, three-legged, cannot live in the sun, 268. 

Red Emperor 赤帝, 178, 234. 

Rhinopithecus 狌狌 knows the past, 358. 


Sacrifices 祭祀, Chap. XLl and XLII, presented to Heaven and Earth, Mountains and Rivers, the Spirits of the Land and Grain, 510, 516, to the Five Genii and the ancestors, 516, to Shangti, to the Six Superior Powers, eod., the imperial, suburban, patriarchal, and ancestral sacrifices, eod., sacrifices to the Seasons, to Heat and Cold, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Four Cardinal Points, to Water and Drought, 517, to Earth, at the meals, 523, to the Five Emperors and Three Rulers, 516, to Mountains, Gates, and Doors, 536, of an ox, 514, of wood, a calf, a sheep, 516 seq., of millet, rice-cake, and soup offered to Earth, 510, the meaning of sacrifices, 509, 535, motives of sacrifices: — gratitude and ancestor worship, 517, they are not enjoyed by ghosts or spirits, but merely symbolical, 522, of no avail, 537. 

Sages, endued with the harmonious fluid, 316, not imbued with a special fluid, 322, credited with the gift of prophecy, 353, produced by Heaven every 500 years, 424. 

Sage birds and animals, 371. 

Scarlet Bird 朱鸟,  the southern quadrant of solar mansions, 106. 

Schools 庠序, founded from olden times, 434. 

Scroll of the Lo 洛書, 95, 238, 294, 455. 

Secretary falcon 鸩, poisonous, 301. 

Sensations, how caused by the mental fluid, 239. 

Seven Sacrifices 七祀 performed by the Emperor, 519. 

Seventy odd disciples of Confucius 七十子, all sages, 151, 168, 375, 392, 396. 

Sickness not a punishment of Heaven, 119. 

Six Classics 六經 the Five Classics and the Classic of Music, 128. 

Six Departments of Literature 六略 under the Han dynasty: — classics, six arts, philosophy, poetry, military science, and divination, 83. 470. 

Six Domestic Animals 六畜,  the horse, the ox, the goat, the pig, the dog, and the fowl, 193. 

Six Honoured ones 六宗, 516. 

Six Institutions of the Chou dynasty 六典., administration, instruction, rites, police, jurisdiction, public welfare, 455. 

Six Passions 六情 — cheerfulness, anger, grief, joy, love, and hatred, 110. 

Six States 六國: — Yen, Chao, Han, Wei, Ch'i, and Ch'u, leagued against Ch'in, 278, 305, 437. 

Sixty-four Diagrams 六十四卦, composed by Wên Wang, 87, 454. 

Solstices 至 in summer and winter, 259, 265. 

Sophists  辯士 , poison flowing from their mouths, 303. 

Sorcerers 巫 , filled with The Yang fluid, 246, 298, live in the South, 247, can predict fate, eod. 

Soul 魂, the souls of the dead are dissolved and cannot hear any more, 207; animal soul 魄 and mind 魂 , 209, the soul = vital fluid, 228, roaming about during a dream, eod. 

Southern Circuit 南郡 = Tung-chun in Hupei, 298. 

Sparrows turn into clams, 326, 336, 368. 

Speech and fire have the same essence, 300. 

Spirits 鬼神 believed to punish the guilty, 164, diffuse and shapeless 恍惚無形, 191, 神 the spiritual fluid forms man and at death reverts to its original state, 192; spirits are unconscious, 197, spirits Heaven's angels, 291, diffuse and incorporeal, 292, 352. 536, can soar, eod., what is vague and unsubstantial has the nature of a spirit, 353, it seems as if the spirits helped the happy and caused the misfortune of the miserable, 144, 160, clothes, 5-6 inches long, offered to spirits, 515. 

Spirit bird 神雀, 364. 

Spirit of Earth 土神, propitiated after the building of a house, 535. 

Spirit of Heaven 天神, reprimanding a sovereign, 119, impersonated by a man, 232, angry, 287, like a king in his residence, 290, 352, changing his mind, 408. 

Spirit of Rain 雨师, 222. 

Spirit of Sickness 疫鬼, 534. 

Spirit of the Wind 风伯, 222. 

Spiritism by means of mediums in a trance, 196. 

Spontaneity 自然, Chap. HI, means absence of purpose, 283. 

Spontaneous fluid 氣自爲, 101, 130. 

Spontaneous harmony of heaven and earth, when it rains, 277. 

Spook 妖, Chap. XVII. 

Spring and Autumn 春秋, work of Confucius, 414, 447, 451, 452. 

Spring and Autumn period, 722 to 480 B.C., 116, 210, 269, 271, 274, 

354, 362, 363, 451. 

Stars 星, their effluence 氣 gives wealth and honour, 138, produces and develops things on earth, 241, stars are not round, 271, their size a hundred Li, 275, are attached to heaven, 511. 

Struggle for existence, 105.seq. 

Style, 70 et seq. 

Sun 日 , ten suns in Yao's time, 89, 271, the sun came back, 89, reverted to the meridian, eod., and 116, encircled by a white halo, when Ching K'o stabbed Shih Huang Ti, 118, solar fluid = heavenly fluid, 249, motion of the sun and the moon, 250, Chap. XX, the sun takes 16 different courses during a year, not 9, 260, its different size in the morning and at noon, 263, sun and moon like ants crawling on a mill-stone are carried along by heaven from east to west, 266, the sun moves 1 degree = 2,000 Li every day, eod., is fire, 267, a three-legged raven in the sun, 268, sun and moon not round, 271, the sun is fire, 357. 

Sun-stroke 火流所刺, the effect of poisonous air, 299. 300. 

Swearing by Heaven, 403 seq. 

Sweet dew 甘露, lucky omen, produced by the harmonious fluid, 366, 373. 

Swords, their manufacture, 377, famous swords, 503-504. 


Tail 尾, constellation, 118. 

Tao 道, the fundamental principle of Taoism, 148, 328, 333, 336, 346. 

Taoism, 102. 

Taoists, argue on spontaneity, 92, 97, made an artificial apparition of Lady Wang, eod., possess real virtue i. e. inaction and quietism, 100, said to have become genii, 328, exhibiting tricks at the court of Huai Nan Tse, 335, drinking the elixir of life and eating purple boletus, 339, cannot be drowned nor burned, 342, Chap. XXVIII, living on air and regulating their breath to become immortal, 348, take medicines with a view to prolong life, 349, make artificial gems, 378, studying the art of immortality, 524. 

Tempest, expression of Heaven's anger. 285, 351. 

Thirty-five kingdoms 三十五國, beyond the sea, where plumigerous and feathered tribes live, 254, 330. 

Three Dynasties 三代: — Hsia, Yin, and Chou, 214, 319, 322, 464, their different systems of government, 475. 

Three hundred scaly animals 三百鳞虫蟲, of which the dragon the first, 353. 

Three hundred and sixty naked  animals 三百倮蟲, among which man ranks first, 528. Three Mountains disappeared during the Ch'in epoch, 276, 507. 

Three Offerings 三祀, made to the Genii of Spring, Autumn, and Winter, 518. 

Three Rulers see Five Emperors and Three Rulers. 

Three Sacrifices 三祀, of the high dignitaries, 519. 

Thunder 雷, Chap. XXII , not Heaven's angry voice, 285, not caused by Heaven's fetching a dragon, 285, represented by drums or as the "Thunderer", 292, the exploding solar fluid, 294, fire, eod.; why thunder must be fire, 295, the thunder and the dragon attract one another, 356, thunder how caused, 357. 

Thunder goblet 雷罇, of the Hsia dynasty, 293. 506. 

Thunderer 雷公, the God of Thunder, an athlete with drums and a hammer, 292, 511, 521. 

Tiger 虎, howling attracts the wind, 279, 356. 

Time 時, propitious or unpropitious, 145, 146, definition, 171, determines happy and unhappy events, 524. 


Index of Subjects. 

Time periods 節氣 , 24 solar-periods, into which the year is divided, 281. 

Toad 蟾蜍, cannot live in the moon, 2G8. 

Tortoise 神龜, spiritual, 365.


Trance (Faint) 殄, 195, 196. 

Tribute of Yü 禹贡 , Yu-kung, chapter of the Shuking, 253, 271, 378. 

Twelve Holy Men = Twelve Sages 十二聖 304, 322, 359. 

Twelve horary characters and 

their corresponding animals 十二辰之禽 

Twelve Spirits of the Cardinal Points 十二神, 534. 

Twenty-eight constellations (solar mansions) 二十八宿, the resting-places of sun and moon, 257. 

Two Sacrifices 二祀, to the Spirit of Fire and the ford of the Soil, 518; Two Sacrifices of ordinary scholars, 519. 


Unconsciousness of the dead, 194. 

Unicorn 麒麟 = Kilin, 266, like a deer with one horn, a holy animal, 359, a white unicorn with five feet, 370, like a deer with two horns, eod., resembling a stag, end., wild animal with joined horns, 371. 


Vermilion grass 朱草, an auspicious plant, 132, 366. 

Visions of ghosts, caused by pain and fear, 239. 

Vital fluid 氣, 精氣, or 氣力 the length of life depends upon it, 138, man lives by the vital fluid residing in the arteries, 191, it fills the body as millet and rice a bag, and disperses at death, 192; blood the vital force of the living, 193; its seat in the blood, 194, 195; vital energy maintained by eating and drinking, 198; vital force within the body and outside the body, 198; through death the fluid is lost, and the vital spirit 精神 dissolved, 199; after death it is a formless fluid, eod.; the vital spirit of all creatures is extinguished by death, it evaporates and disappears, 201, causes thought and sensations, 239, it gives know- ledge and speech, 249, copious or scarce, determines the length of life, 313, 329, received by men at their birth, forms the constitution, 325, vanishes at death, 330, is drawn from food, 348, the vital force concentrated forms the human being, 350. 

Vital force vital fluid. 


Water Spirit 魍魉, son of Chuan Hsü, 242, 534. 

Weird sayings of children 童謠, 232, 237, due to the influence of Mars, 246. 

White Emperor 白帝, 234.


White Tiger 白虎, western quadrant of solar mansions, 106, 534.


Will-o'-the-wisp 磷, the blood of the slain, 193. 

Wind 風 , foreseen by insects, 109, its influence on robbers and thieves, and on the market prices, 110; winds on New Year's Day portend the new year. 111, lucky wind, 181, the God of Wind 風伯 52 1 . 

Wine-spring 醴泉 auspicious portent, 366. 

Index of Subjects. 


Wizards and priests 巫祝, have no power, 537. 

World, lying in the South-east of the universe, 255, 263. 


Yang 陽 fluid (principle) comes forth spontaneously, 99; 110; governs life. 11 1 ; the hot fluids, eod., is broiling hot, 226; becomes the mind. 209, is fire and as such hot and red. 246, boys and sorcerers imbued with it, end.; it predominates at the time of a drought, seod., the Yang fluid produces the vital spirit, 249, shines like the sun, prevails in summer and is scarce in winter, 248, is warm and genial, 279, is brightness and warmth, 284, an immense fire, 294, ornaments originate from the Yang, 302. 

Yin 隂 fluid (principle), 99, 110; governs death, 111, the cold fluids, end. rushing against the hot Yang fluid, 226, predominates during an eclipse of the sun, 246, it produces the bones and flesh, 249, is dark, abounds in winter, and falls short in summer, 258, corresponds to the North, 259, is cold murder, 279, is rain and cold, 284, clouds and rain are Yin. 294. 

Yin and Yang 陰陽. in harmony, 98, 103, 126;Yin and Yang crystallise and produce man, who by death is again dissolved into these fluids, 196; can injure the good, 242, cause the length and the shortness of the days. 258, 283, Yin and Yang coming into friction produce thunder and lightning, 294, 339, 348; Yin and Yang were not born and do not die, 349, their fluids the fluids of Heaven and Earth, 368; Yin and Yang and good and evil, 388, disorganised, when propriety and righteousness are neglected, 434, in harmony, when the government is good, 465.