In Early Spring Alone Climbing The T‘ien-Kung Pagoda

posted 16 Dec 2017, 11:49 by Jim Sheng
(A.D. 389)

T‘ien-kung sun warm, pagoda door open;
Alone climbing, greet Spring, drink one cup.
Without limit excursion-people afar-of wonder at me;
What cause most old most first arrived!

IN Early Spring Alone Climbing
Homage to “In Early Spring Alone Climbing the T'ien Kung Pagoda” by Ch'u Yuan – 4th Century BC. By Jean Elizabeth Ward 2008

O' how warm the sun today.
By the open pagoda door;
I greet Spring, climbing,
And drink one cup more.
Without limits on this excursion,
People stare at me,
As I am the oldest, and yet
The first to arrive successfully.