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Yesterday I heard that such-a-one was gone; 
This morning- they tell me that so-and-so is dead. 
Of friends and acquaintances more than two-thirds 
Have suffered change and passed to the Land of Ghosts. 
Those that are gone I shall not see again; 
They, alas, are for ever finished and done. 
Those that are left,-— where are they now? 
They are all scattered, — a thousand miles away. 
Those I have known and loved through all my life, 
On the fingers of my hand — how many do I count? 
Only the prefects of T'ung, Kuo and Li 
And Feng Province — ^just those four.^ 
Longing for each other we are all grown gray ; 
Through the Fleeting World rolled like a wave in the stream. 
Alas that the feasts and frolics of old days 
Have withered and vanished, bringing us to this !
When shall we meet and drink a cup of wine 
And laughing gaze into each other's eyes? 

Note: Yüan Chen (ad. 831), Ts'ui Hsuan-liang'(ad. 833), Liu Yü-hsi (ad. 842), 
and Li Chien (ad. 821).