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The Unmoving Cloud

posted 20 Jun 2020, 13:41 by Jim Sheng   [ updated 20 Jun 2020, 14:53 ]

 Thick and dusty unmoving clouds, 
misty and drizzling spring rain. 
All eight realms are gloomy and dark; 
who set obstacles on the smooth roads? 
Quietly I retire to my eastern porch;
I drink my spring wine all alone.
My good friends are far, far away,
Scratching my head, I watch and wait.

平路伊阻Píng lù yī zǔ,Who set obstacles on the smooth roads? 平路 wide flat road, 伊 is an Auxiliary word, 阻 obstacle. Living in such a dark age, although the road is wide and smooth, actually, he has nowhere to go, because somebody has set a barrier or obstacle between him and estranged or far-distant friends.