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S053: Three bond one

53. 三綱者

San 1 kang 1 che 3 

Three bond one 

San see title. 

Kang is composed of 糹ssu silk as radical, with 岡 kang a mountain ridge as phonetic. It originally meant a rope, together, and must be carefully distinguished from 網 wang a net. 

Che see line 49. 

54. 君臣義

Chun1 ch'en2 i4

Prince Minister duty 

are (1) the obligation between sovereign and subject, 

Chun is composed of 尹 yin to rule, with 口 k'ou mouth as radical; hence one whose commands are respected, a ruler. 君子 chun tzu is the superior or perfect man of Confucian ethics. 

Ch'en under its original form, with curved outline, is supposed to represent a Minister bending before his Prince,

As lofty lords before an Eastern throne 
Bend the whole body, not the head alone. 

The term has been extended to include any one ruled, a subject, which is the meaning here. 

I see line 14. [The Rev. E. J. Eitel, evidently translating from an inaccurate text and reading 矣 i, gives the following most forlorn rendering : — "As to the three social regulators or rather that- which-constitutes them Consists of (the following relationships: There is first that of) the prince with his officials indeed."] 

55. 父子親

Fu4 tzu2 ch'in1

Father child love 

(2) the love between father and child, 

Fu see line 18. 

Tzu see. line 11. 

Ch'in see line 31. Eitel translates by "intimacy," which is not adequate here. 

56. 夫婦順

Fu 1 fu 4 shun4

Man wife harmony 

(3) the harmony between husband and wife. 

Fu is composed, like Heaven (line 50) of — i one and 大 ta great, and seems to have formerly indicated men of exceptional character. It is now used for husband. Read fu 1 - now, forasmuch as, etc. 

Pu is composed of 女 nu woman as radical and 帚 chou a broom, and is emblematical of the duties of a wife. Shun is composed of 頁 yeh head as radical, with 川 ch'uan flowing water as phonetic, and gives the idea of floating smoothly down the stream. [Eitel wrongly makes the bond one- sided, "And finally, there are husband and wife, the latter in submission."]