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S171: The five chief philosophers

171. 五子者

Wu3 tzu3 che3 

Five philosopher one 

The five chief philosophers 

Wu see line 15. Chief is implied. 

Tzu see line 11. 

Che see line 49. 

172. 有荀揚

Yu3 hsun2 yang2 

Have hsun yang 

are Hsun, Yang, 

Yu see line 14. 

Hsun is composed of 艸 ts'ao vegetation as radical, with 旬 hsun a period of ten days, a decade, as phonetic. It is the name of a plant, not identified, and here the surname of 荀況 Hsun K'uang (line 4). 

Yang see line 16. It is here the surname of 楊雄 ife Yang Hsiung (line 4). 

173. 文中子

Wen2 Chung4 Tzu3
Wen2 chung4 tzu3 

Wen chung tzu 

Wen see line 44. 

Chung see line 64. Sometimes wrongly written 仲. 

Tzu see line 11. These three characters form the posthumous title conferred upon 王通 Wang T'ung, a philosopher who flourished A.D. 583-616. 

174. 及老莊

Chi2 lao3 chuang1 

Reach lao chuang 

Lao Tzu, and Chuang Tzu
Chi is composed, under its old form, of 又 yu hand (line 18) as radical, and 人 jen man, and is explained as to seize the man ahead, hence to come up to. Here = and. 

Lao see line 24. 

Chuang is composed of 艸 ts'ao vegetation as radical, and 壯chuang strong as phonetic. (The latter, composed of 士 a soldier as its old radical, with 爿 ch'iang or ch'uang a bedstead as phonetic, was the original character.) It is here the surname of a philosopher of the 4th cent. B.C., who wrote on the teachings of Lao Tzu.