02: Introduction
03: Table of Contents
04: A. biographical
06: CHAPTER III. Spontaneity
07: CHAPTER IV. The Nature of Things
08: CHAPTER V. Phenomenal Changes
09: CHAPTER VI. On Reprimands
10: CHAPTER VII. Heaven's Original Gift
11: CHAPTER IX. On Destiny and Fortune
11: CHAPTER VIII. What is meant by Destiny?
12: CHAPTER X. On Chance and Luck
13: CHAPTER XI. Wrong Notions about Happiness
14: CHAPTER XII. Wrong Notions on Unhappiness
15: CHAPTER XIII. Auspicious Portents
16: CHAPTER XIV. On Divination
17: CHAPTER XV. On Death
18: CHAPTER XVI. False Reports about the Dead
19: CHAPTER XVII. Spook Stories
20: CHAPTER XIX. On Heaven
20: CHAPTER XVIII. All about Ghosts
21: CHAPTER XX. On the Sun
22: CHAPTER XXL On Heat and Cold
23: CHAPTER XXII. On Thunder and Lightning
24: CHAPTER XXIII. On Poison
25: CHAPTER XXIV. On Anthroposcopy
26: CHAPTER XXV. Long Life and Vital Fluid
27: CHAPTER XXVI. Miracles
28: CHAPTER XXVII. Unfounded Assertions
29: CHAPTER XXVIII. Taoist Untruths
30: CHAPTER XXIX. On Dragons
31: CHAPTER XXX. Arguments on Ominous Creatures
32:CHAPTER XXXI. The Forming of Characters
33:CHAPTER XXXII. On Original Nature
34: CHAPTER XXXIII Criticisms on Confucius
35: CHAPTER XXXIV. Censures on Mencius
36: CHAPTER XXXV. Strictures on Han Fei Tse
37: CHAPTER XXXVI. Statements Corrected
38: CHAPTER XXXVII.Critical Remarks on Various Books
39: CHAPTER XXXVIII. The Equality of the Ages
40: CHAPTER XXXIX. Exaggerations
41: CHAPTER XXXX. Exaggerations of the
42: CHAPTER XLI. Sacrifices to the Departed
43: CHAPTER XLII. Sacrifices
44: CHAPTER XLIII Criticisms on Noxious Influences
45: CHAPTER XLIV. On Exorcism
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