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Legge romanization

posted 23 Apr 2013, 02:53 by Jim Sheng


Tenuis K
Tenuis aspirata kh
Spiritus asper h hs

Here hs is a mistake, this consonant should belong to Gutturales Modificatae (palatales, &c.)

Gutturales Modificatae

Tenuis K
Tenuis aspirata Kh
Semivocalis y
Spiritus lenis assibilatus z

Legge use Italic k and kh to represent palatalization, and Italic z for spiritus lenis assibilatus


Tenuis t
Tenuis aspirata th
Nasalis n
Semivocalis l
Spiritus asper s
Spiritus lenis z
Spiritus asperrimus 3, 3h

Dentales modificatae (linguiales, &c.)

Semivocalis fricata r
Spiritus asper sh


Tenuis p
Tenuis aspirata ph
Nasalis m
Spiritus asper f
semivocalis w


Neutralis ă
Gutturalis brevis a
Palatalis brevis â
Palatalis brevis i
Palatalis longa î
Labialis brevis u
Labialis longa û
Gutturo-palatalis brevis e
gutturo palatalis longa ê
Diphthongus gutturo-palatalis âi, ei, êi 
Gutturo-labialis brevis o
Diphthongus gutturo-babialis âu
Labialis fracta ü

There are three others used in his text, but not listed in his "Transliteration of oriental Alphabets" table:
eh, ih, âo